5 Heart Touching Merry Christmas Poems For Kids & Friends (2022)

By | December 8, 2021

Merry Christmas Poems 2022 For Kids – One of the most loved and enjoyed festival for the kids, preschoolers, and toddlers is Christmas. During this entire weekend of December month, kids have lot’s of fun and receive gifts from Santa Clause, parents, friends and family members. Christmas Poems for kids and students is a charm to sing in Church, family gathering and school.

Merry Christmas Poems
Merry Christmas Poems

Merry Christmas Poems 2022 For Kids & Friends

Those of us who have attended ministry for youth programs know the in-depth meanings of the Christmas celebrations. However, in general, Christmas is visualized as a big festival celebrated by the people in the winter season. It is the birth anniversary of the great Jesus Christ, who is believed as the son of God by the people of the Christian religion. It is a day of big importance for Christians. People tend to do lots of preparations and decorations of the church, their houses, etc., making use of different lights and lamps as well as cute wallpapers with Christmas tree and other designs. Some of the poems below may even be printed out and put up around the house to ring in the Christmas spirit!

There is a big tradition of distributing gifts at midnight on Christmas by Santa Claus to children around the world. Kids love this festive season because they receive things that they have been wanting for a long time. Parents tend to give their children items that they have been eyeing, such as certain sports gear (baseball or soccer equipment) or even video games (fortnite gifts, for instance).

During Christmas, people also gather in their churches to sing hymns and recite Christmas poems in large gatherings. Although the celebration of Christmas is such an age-old concept, there might have been many modifications made by poem editors over the years, causing revised versions to be adapted in various places. However, the overall essence of all traditional poetry remains the same.

Christmas Poem 1

If Old Kriss Kringle Should Forget
To Travel Christmas Eve,
I Tell You Now, I Think Next Day
The Little Folks Would Grieve.

There Wouldn’t Be A Single Toy,
A Single Box Or Book,
And Not A Bit Of Candy In
Their Stockings When They’d Look

Because You See, Kriss Kringle Has
A “Corner” On These Things,
β€˜Tis He, And He Alone, Who In
The Night Our Presents Brings.

Then Let Us All Try To Avert
This Sad Catastrophe,
And Hope Kriss Kringle May At Least
Remember You And Me.

Merry Christmas Poems
Merry Christmas Poems

Christmas Day Poem 2

Christmas Long Ago
Frosty days and ice still nights,
Fir trees trimmed with tiny lights,
Sound of sleigh bells in the snow,
That was Christmas long ago.
Tykes on sleds and shouts of glee,
Icy-window filigree,
Sugarplums and candle glow,
Part of Christmas long ago.
Footsteps stealthy on the stair,
Sweet-voiced carols in the air,
Stocking hanging in a row,
Tell of Christmas long ago.
Starry nights so still and blue,
Good friends calling out to you,
Life, so fact, will always slow…
For dreams of Christmas long ago.
By Jo Geis

Christmas Poems For Friends
Christmas Poems For Friends

Poem 3 – Christmas Poems For Friends

Love is patient; Love is kind
Through Jesus Christ, love you will find.
Love does not envy, it is not puffed up
Seek Him with your heart, He will fill your cup.
Love does not behave rudely, does not seek its own
Be kind to others, for this God has shown.
Love bears believes, hopes and endures all things,
Give love to all and blessings God brings.
Love Never Fails.

Funny Christmas Poems
Funny Christmas Poems

Poem 4 – Funny Xmas Poem

Merry Christmas, my darling (Sophie)
It’s a magic time for you
As you’ve been good all year
You’ll get toys, all shiny new
Christmas Eve is Santa’s busy night
He does his very best
And when the night is over
He gets to have a rest
While you get up excited
Happy and full of joys
And you get to unwrap the huge pile
Of lovely games and toys
Have a really lovely time my (our) darling

Christmas Poems
Christmas Poems

Poem 5

Turn Your Eyes This Christmas
To The Child Who Was Born
He Came Into The World
Only To Find Sorrow And Scorn

He Knew We Needed A Savior
To Set Us Free From Sin
No Other Way To Redemption
But To Open Your Heart To Him

Remember This Christmas Season,
Material Things Cannot Satisfy
They Are But Temporary
They Disappear And Die

But The Love Of Our Savior
A Gift That Lives Eternally
He Is That Brightest Star
Which Shines Upon The Tree!

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